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Photographer holding a camera in hand

Your business. Your story

Do you need custom photo and video content to market your business or project?


My goal is to capture your unique personality, professionalism, and expertise to help you stand out. Through photography and video, I tell authentic stories about people and services for websites, social media marketing and content creation.

Crafting effective media starts with a plan.

What is your message? Who are you trying to reach? What outcomes do you want to achieve? How do you want people to feel?

Choosing the right visual medium for your content depends on its purpose.

Chef Joel Carboni leaning on a kitchen bench.


A simple way to personalise your service and make it more relatable is to show your customers the person behind your business.

Additionally, images of your team, events, products and location are an effective way to boost credibility.

Behind the camera view looking at a person sitting at a desk.


Video storytelling is a modern way of sharing your personality in a style that is both accessible and engaging.

Build trust with your audience by telling a personal story, providing a testimonial, producing a brand film, or creating an educational video.

A group of friends being photographed on a mobile phone.

Social Media

Make your communication toolkit more interesting with short entertaining videos and dynamic photos to share.


Keep others informed by getting your message out quickly.

Show what you care about with engaging content that suits your goals.

Fiona Demark
A day in the life with blindness

Video: Personal story

Industry: Disability

Use: Website

Style: Emotive and informative

Goal: Document and show others the challenges of being blind to improve accessibility.

Department of Transport and Planning
People and Culture

Photography: Corporate events

Industry: Government

Use: LinkedIn updates and marketing assets

Style: Dynamic and personable

Goal: Document live events capturing diverse people and moments.

Collage of 4 images showing a mixture of gender and culture.

Professional Portraits
Online Profile

Photography: Headshots and location portraits

Use: Website

Style: Fresh and contemporary

Goal: Look professional and show personality for a business or personal profile. 

Collage of three individual portraits.

Flinders Street Station
Melbourne Commuters

Media: Creative Reels

Use: Social Media

Style: Black and White, observational

Goal: Explore new treatments showing pedestrian movement around train stations.

Acknowledgement of Country

I acknowledge the First Peoples throughout Victoria and pay my respects to their Elders past and present and to the ongoing living culture of Aboriginal people.

I live and work in Coburg on the land of the Wurundjeri people, connecting to the spiritual land, sky and waters of the Kulin Nation.

Merri Creek, Coburg


0423 356 602



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